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A curly haired creative who believes that life is fully manifested by reading, writing, spreading love & light and a little bit of magic.

It is time to take the trash out.

Photo credit: Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Take a look around. What do you see? Do you see unfinished work, unopened mail, unwashed dishes, unpaid bills, unworn clothes, old possessions, unattended-to tasks, unanswered phone calls and voicemails?

Your current environment is a clear indication of what is going on in your mind.

As is felt inward, transpires outward.

All of these lingering “things”, have a negative impact on your life experience and attribute to confusion, stress, brain fog, restlessness, inconsistent sleep patterns and most of all, a blocked point of attraction.

“Everything in life is vibration”- Albert Einstein.

Everything carries a vibration. Because you develop a…

The People You Least Expect, Will be the Ones Who Support You The Most.

Photo courtesy of Entice the Brand & The Queen Klass

Starting something new can be extremely terrifying yet also thrilling.

It is even more exhilarating when you find out that you are actually great at it.

In the midst of this excitement, who do you share this amazing news with first?

Typically, the first instinct is to share your accomplishments with your family or friends. But what happens when you know deep down in the pit of your core, that they don’t really care, or simply don’t understand?

Then, who do you genuinely share these moments…

“Middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it.” Ariana Grande said it first.

Photo from unsplash

It is that simple.

Ariana Grande’s new song, Just Like Magic, from her latest album, Positions, resonates in so many ways.

Through her lyrics, she clearly and confidently breaks down the easy process of manifesting every single thing you can ever want in life.

I am living proof.

These are the steps in lyrical order.

“Wake up in my bed, I just want to have a good day. Think it in my head, then it happens how it should.” — Ariana Grande

1. Wake up in the morning and think that you are going to have a good day.

When you first…

When you make the decision to pursue your growth, you will attract the like.

Photo by: Christa Negron (Author)

Growing up, my parents pushed the idea that you needed to go to college in order to make it in the real world. They instilled in us that it was the only way to score a “good” job. I emphasize the word “good”. This may have to do with the fact that they were immigrants to this country and had to work extremely hard to make a living without a college degree.

So don’t get me wrong- I knew why they thought this way. They wanted…

Money and sex are the two most leading topics of argument amongst spouses.

Photo by: Author
Photo by: Christa Negron (Author)

Many times I get a phone call from a girlfriend and she talks my ear off about how she and her husband were fighting… and it’s always about the same thing, money. “He spends too much on this”, or “we don’t have enough money for that”, or “we bought this new thing and opened up a new credit card to obtain it because we couldn’t afford it”, or “he gets mad when I buy this”…and the list goes on. …

It is time that I delivered a raw yet proper introduction.

Image by Author
Photo by: Christa Negron (Author)

Greetings & Welcome!

My name is Christa and I am grateful & honored to be here. I’ve put off introducing myself for far too long and after weeks of contemplation, I know that there is never a better time than now.

I am excited to share a bit about myself and bluntly state what you as a reader, can expect from me as a writer. For starters, I consider myself an intensely passionate creative who loves all things reading, writing, personal growth, finance, love, life, manifestation, universe and craft…

Christa Negron

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